Micro Markets

Imagine a miniature, self-serve convenience store in or near your break room. That’s a Micro Market!

Our Micro Markets are a 100% custom-designed vending solution with a self-checkout kiosk. Your employees and customers can make their selection and pay using cash, credit card or smartphone. Micro Markets can offer more healthy selections and convenience than ever!

No wallet? No problem!

Your Micro Market comes with a mobile app so your “shoppers” can pay straight from their phone. Using the app, they can load up their virtual “wallet” with funds ahead of time, preview what’s in stock and leave feedback if there’s ever an issue.

Designing the Space

We can work with most any space to set up an attractive and functional setting for your Micro Market, where movement and payment within the location is as easy as possible. All that is usually required for the space is a power source (for the kiosk and coolers) plus an internet connection.

Every Micro Market we install is customized to fit the space and needs of each individual client.

Micro Markets are truly revolutionizing workspace refreshment — and Dr. Dessert Vending is ready to bring the future to you!

Ready to learn more?

Give us a call! We’ll ask a few questions about your needs and then schedule a time to visit. From there we can custom-design a vending or market layout to best serve your organization.

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