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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re ready to switch from our current provider to Dr. Dessert Vending. How much lead time should we allow?

It is customary to give 30 days notice to your current service (if not under a contractual agreement). We’ll work with them to provide a smooth transition so that you and your staff are not left without refreshments!

How long does an installation take?

Typically three hours, although some installations, where there are stairs or small doorways, it can take a little longer. We’ll let you know ahead of time what to expect.

How much does your vending installation service cost?

There is no cost for our service. We just need adequate electrical supply (and water pressure, when needed) to complete the installation.

Is our company too small?

We serve companies both large and small! Though typically small companies start with around 35 employees, we can make most any situation work for everyone.

What’s the ongoing cost?

We’re proud to be one of the most affordably priced vending providers in the area! Costs depend on a variety factors, and every situation is unique. As we get to know you and your organization’s needs, we’ll provide a clear estimate of costs and service requirements.

Can I just set up my own vending machines?

You could! But then you’d need to consider all the setup costs, equipment maintenance, taxes, insurance and (most importantly) rotating the food so it stays fresh. It can be a lot of work — and as busy professionals, your staff probably has better things to do! We have streamlined the process to keep everything running smoothly so the food stays fresh while your team stays productive.

Ok, let’s begin!

Just give us a call at 717-564-8305. We look forward to talking with you!

Ready to learn more?

Give us a call! We’ll ask a few questions about your needs and then schedule a time to visit. From there we can custom-design a vending or market layout to best serve your organization.

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