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Water Cooler

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OASIS® Filtration Water Systems provide simple, effective water treatment at the point of use. They are available in Cook ‘N Cold as well as Hot, Cook ‘N Cold.

  • First month is complementary - no bill is submitted unless you are completely satisfied and agree to the service plan arrangement.
  • Use of the cooler is inclusive - filters will be monitored and changed as required by the service technician. Frequency of filter exchange is dependent upon water use, source of water and plumbing.
  • Service Agreements are set up on a yearly basis.
  • All service calls returned on the day they are made (24 hours response time).
  • New cooler with state-of-the-art refrigeration efficiency saves electricity costs
  • Stale water is never an issue - separate filters assure clean fresh water.
  • You will save money (hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars per year)

Call toll-free 1-800-596-3729 (or 717-564-8306), or submit the questionnaire below.


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