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Career Opportunities

1. Are you doing a job that lacks satisfaction and challenges?

2. Do you feel your supervisor or boss does not show adequate appreciation for your effort and accomplishments?

3. Do you feel that you have more to offer in a career than what is being asked?

Please consider joining our team!

We are a full service vending machine company servicing a 40 mile radius within the Harrisburg area. Some of the tasks we perform are:

  • warehousing
  • stock vending machines
  • handle customer requests
  • quality control analysis
  • repair equipment
  • load trucks
  • travel and make deliveries
  • team meetings

Please download and print the employment application below then complete thoroughly (with a pen) and mail it to:


 Dr Dessert                                               717-564-8306
 736 S. 25th Street                 or Fax to                 
 Harrisburg, PA 17111                                       800-596-3729


*** Resumes will also be accepted***

 After receiving and reviewing the application, we will contact you by telephone for an interview and answer any questions you may have.

Please do not contact us by telephone. We will respond to all that apply.

Employment Application (MS Word format)           Employment Application (Adobe Acrobat format)




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