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Hot Drinks

Full size hot drink vending machines

Hot Drinks

  • Sleek classic styling options
  • Beyond fresh tasting coffee (regular and decaf), we are offering a large selection of drinks, from Espresso to Cappuccino, hot chocolate to tea.
  • There are different drink selection strength options to choose from.
  • A simple, easy-to-use machine, ideal for today’s workplace.

Hot Drinks


Office Coffee Service

Coffee Service

Equipment you can count on, day in and day out.

You can’t make great coffee without a great brewer. Our latest airpot and thermal carafe designs feature insulated servers that keep coffee fresh for hours. Our traditional pour-over and automatic brewers are built with exclusive “no-burn” ridged warmer plates that keep coffee fresh and reduce waste. All feature stainless steel construction for the best-testing coffee and performance you can rely on every day.


The Grounds for Great Coffee

Coffee areaBelow is our partial coffee and allied product listing. Let us know what else we can provide for you.

Popular coffee blends
   A. Ellis Coffee (1.5 oz., 42 ct.)
      1) Regular 1.7 oz.
      2) Decaf
   B. Folgers (8 oz., 9 oz.--46 ct.)
      1) Regular
      2) Decaf
   C. Starbucks (2.5 oz., 72 ct.)
      1) Regular
      2) Decaf
   D. Maxwell House (2 oz.)
      1) Regular
      2) Decaf
   *Special requested coffee available.

   A. Regular tea bags
      1) 10/100 ct.
      2) 216 ct.
   B. Decaf tea bags
      1) 6.72 ct.
      2) 144 ct.
   C. Bigelow tea bags (15 varieties)

Hot chocolate
   A. Regular 6/50
   B. Marshmallow 6/50
   C. Fat free 6/24
   D. Sugar free 6/24

   A. Canisters 20 oz./24 ct.
   B. Sweet ‘N Low 12/100
   C. Equal 12/100
   D. Sugar Packets 2000 ct.
   E. Splenda

   A. Canisters 12 oz./24 ct.
   B. Liquid creamers .375 oz./180 ct.
   C. Flavored creamers .375 oz./200 ct.

Paper products
   A. Cups
      1)  8 oz. Styrofoam 1,000 ct.
      2) 10 oz. Styrofoam 1,000 ct.
      3) 12 oz. Styrofoam 1,000 ct.
      4) 16 oz. Styrofoam   500 ct.
      5)  4 oz. cone cups  1,000 ct.
   B. Lids, hot cup 8 oz.
   C. Stirs 10/1000
   D. Filters 1,000 ct./12 cup


An attitude that lets you know how important you are to us

Employee servicing hot drinks vendingWe strive always to be friendly. Responsive. Prompt. As good as our word. And while we guarantee to respond to your call for delivery or equipment maintenance within 24 hours, we’re usually there before you know it.




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