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Q. We are considering changing from our current vending machine provider to Dr. Dessert Vending. How much lead time should we allow?

A. It is customary to give 30 days notice to your current service (if not under a contractual agreement). We will work with the outgoing vendor to provide a smooth transition so that you and your staff are not without refreshments for any period of time.

Q. How long will the installation take?

A. On full bank of equipment typically takes about three hours. This depends on the existing service being removed and the ease of entrance. Some installations are more difficult if stairs or small doorways (less than 34 inches wide) are involved.

Q. How much does your vending service cost our company?

A. There is no cost for our service. We simply request adequate electrical supply and proper water pressure if it is needed.

Q. Are we too small of a company to service? What types of sales volume do you require?

A. We service companies with both large and small needs. Sometimes we have found it difficult servicing companies with fewer than 35 employees, but we try different approaches to make it work for all parties.

Q. What will our vending prices be for the vending machines?

A. We like to look at ourselves as being amongst the lowest priced vendors in the area. We are proud of that. But to be more specific, the vending prices are influenced by total sales, service requirements and requested commissions (if any). The sales representative will be able to quote you prices after procuring information on the above mentioned areas.

Q. Does it make sense to do our own vending in-house instead of having an outside operator?

A. To answer that you must consider the thousands of dollars required to set everything up, the maintenance know-how to keep things going and don’t forget about product liability insurance. Also there are taxes to file, inventory to manage along with tying up an employee to purchase the vending products while worrying about throwing away the dated items.

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Below is a listing of our snack, soda, coffee and food manufacturers and suppliers. The names of those with web sites will link to that company’s site.

Austin Foods
Continental Food Service
Dolly Madison
Ellis Coffee
General Mills
Harrisburg Dairies
Hershey Foods
Kraft Foods

M & M Mars (Masterfoods)
Nabisco (owned by Kraft)
Pierre Foods
Procter and Gamble
Tasty Baking Company




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